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The question is, would you rather be happy and optimistic in retirement or worried about spending to much?  That may seem like a silly question, but a recent study of over 1,000 individuals between the age of 55 and 75 revealed the greatest benefits of having protected lifetime income are protection against longevity risk, PEACE OF MIND, and being better able to budget - all of which can make for a less stressful and happier overall retirement.

SG Wealth is a true FIDUCIARY, your needs and goals come before ours<b></b><i></i><sup></sup>

SG Wealth is a true FIDUCIARY, your needs and goals come before ours

With over 29 years of experience at the core of everything we do, we mange relationships with a long term view. Whether your an individual, family, business owner or corporation, we develop customized strategies to help you develop a strong sense of confidence, provide financial peace of mind, and protect your legacy.

Get a Complimentary Annuity Report<b></b><i></i><sup></sup>

Get a Complimentary Annuity Report

  • Income Rates as High as 8%
  • Highest Guaranteed Lifetime Income
  • Protection of Principal
  • Highly Rated Annuity Companies

Let us take the guess work out of finding the highest paying annuities. Most advisors have selling agreements with insurance companies and can only offer products from 2 or 3 companies. That is why every advisor you meet with is pushing a different annuity to you. NOW YOU KNOW WHY YOU'RE CONFUSED.

Stop doing business with advisors who are more concerned with their compensation and not FOCUSED on maximizing your goals.

As a FIDUCIARY, put SG Wealth Management's unique and comprehensive search to work for you today!

What exactly is an Annuity?

An annuity is an investment product that provides safe, tax-deferred growth of your retirement nest egg. Annuities are considered low-risk, and can provide guaranteed, monthly income when you retire. There are many types of annuities with varying features & benefits. These include: fixed, variable, immediate, deferred & hybrid. We strongly suggest you consult with a financial professional to help you understand the various types of annuities before you purchase.

Is an Annuity Right for You?

Annuities are NOT a good fit for everyone. Annuities are designed for people looking for guaranteed, monthly income when they retire - they are NOT a high-risk / high-return investment. They are considered to be in the mainstream of conservative retirement planning - over $225 billion in annuities have been purchased in the past 12 months alone!

What are your Next Steps?

The first thing to do is to see if an annuity fits your specific profile and financial situation. This "fit" is based on the amount of retirement savings you currently have, how old you are, and the State you live in. Simply fill in the information above and our system will generate a free, tailor-made Annuity Report that will include annuity rate quotes from A+ rated companies in your area.